About Us

Peter Pratti & Larry Montanez teamed up to form P&L Consultants. Peter and Larry have over 50 years of collision and insurance damage analysis experience.  As defined by P&L, Estimology® is the study and understanding of the estimating process.

To be a true Estimologist® one must understand:

  • Vehicle Construction Process, Vehicle Absorption of Collision Damage, Collision Energy Management and Applied Forces, Vehicle Collision Repair Process
  • P-Page Logic and Negotiating for Profit and Fairness.

P&L has developed a comprehensive estimating workshop that will help you limit supplements, while increasing profits and making auto body and insurance relations better, or as we call it “Finding the Sweet Spot”®.  After attending the P&L Workshop and through practice of our methods, you will be able to analyze collision damage vehicles more accurately, efficiently while reducing your supplements. If you add I-CAR, Car-o-liner,  VeriFacts, Chief, OEM, Valle International, Masters, Hunter, and automotive engineering technologies together, along with the P&L Workshop you will have a better understanding of the how, what, and why of vehicle damage.

P&L has developed programs that are for both Insurance Company Appraisers and Auto Body Repair Estimators, we do not favor one side over the other, and we support the correct and proper repair.  Our 10 Step Process of Scoping®, Forgotten Items in Each Area®, P-Page explanation, Hands on Writing, and Mechanical and Electronic 3 dimensional measuring process will ensure and accurate estimate every time.